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Frequently Asked Questions - be sure to read our Policies Page

Do you provide additional services apart from provided furnished rentals?
We have quite a number of partners we work with who can provide almost any services you may need to help you enjoy your stay, whether is is for a week, a month or a year. You can also look at our Links page for more information.

What is provided in the apartments?
Aside from the amenities listed for each apartment, we also provide you with 1 bar of soap, 1 large and 1 hand-sized towel per person, 3 rolls of toilet paper, 1 roll of paper towel and 1 tea towel to get your started.
For the appliances, we will provide tablets for 2 loads of clothing in the washing machine and a couple of tablets for the dishwasher (in the apartments with these amenities).
It is up to you to purchase more supplies if you need them during your stay.
Please note that this may vary depending on how long the apartment is rented for as all of our owners have different minimum rental periods.

What cleaning standards do you have?
Our apartments are professional cleaned by  Paris Suite Services. They follow protocols set down by COVID-FREE,  the first independent French label for professionals in the restaurant, hotel and tourism industries committed to securing your leisure activities.

Do you have plug adaptors that we can use during our stay?
We suggest you bring your own adaptors, as we cannot guarantee that each apartment is equipped with the appropriate adaptor. We have people from all over the world, so it is impossible for us to have every type of adaptor available.
Note: Please only use plug adaptors and NOT voltage converters as the latter can cause damage to the electricity and your appliances.

Do the apartments have hair dryers, curling irons or straightening irons?
All of our apartments are equipped with hair dryers. We do not, however, provide curling irons or straightening irons. We suggest you purchase one here in Paris as using yours with a plug adaptor will cause the electricity to malfunction.

Do your Paris have air conditioning?
Our properties are not equipped with air conditioning. It is very rare in Paris that summer temperatures reach a point that requires A/C. The thick, stone constructions of Parisian buildings keep the interiors of the apartment much cooler than the outside air. The low humidity level in Paris in summer also keeps us comfortable during the warmer months.
Many of our Paris furnished apartments have windows on both sides of the flat to allow for a nice breeze. All of our Paris flats are equipped with fans for your comfort. In addition, many older buildings do not allow air conditioning units to be installed since they then show on the outside of the building.
If air conditioning is a priority for you, you may have to sacrifice the charm of the old buildings and stay in a modern building.

Is Paris tap water safe to drink?
Yes it is and when you ask for water in a restaurant, unless you specify that you would like bottled, it is 'eau de Paris' - from the tap.

How do I get the keys to our Paris furnished apartment?
We will schedule a specific time to meet you inside your Paris apartment. You will receive an arrival instruction sheet with important information you will need to have handy in order to get inside the building and to flat.
Based on availability of our Paris furnished apartments, we may be able to check you in prior to 16:00. Please note that we are only able to greet you between the hours of 8:30-20:30. If you're arriving earlier or later than this, alternative arrangements may have to do be made and this may incur a late or early check-in fee of €60.
It is important to remember that no one will be at your Paris furnished to meet you until you have prescheduled a meeting time with us. Please note that we respect COVID-19 guidelines.

Is the neighborhood safe?
Yes! We have chosen to live, work and raise families in the areas where all of our Paris furnished apartments are located. Keeping this in mind, remember that Paris is a big city, with big city problems just like all over the world. Pick pocketing (usually on the metro) is the most common of these petty, non-violent crimes.
We recommend carrying only what you need for the day and leaving extra money, credit cards, et al, at your flat. You may also wish to use a money belt. Make sure your handbags close completely or carry your wallets in your front pockets. In addition to this type of theft, you should also be careful when using your mobile phone or tablet in public as it is easier than you think to have someone take it right out of your hand.

Is there an elevator?
Some of the buildings in which our Paris furnished apartments are located have elevators. Each flat mentions whether it is equipped with an elevator or not under the 'Building level' information. Please keep this in mind since you will need to carry your luggage up or down the stairs. The lifts in Paris generally have inner doors so it is important you do not block these with luggage and never send up your bags unattended as them may shift, causing the doors to be blocked.

Is first floor the ground floor?
No. Ground floor is considered 0 or rez de chaussee in France. In other words, if you've rented a Paris furnished apartment on the 4th floor, that would be the equivalent of the 5th floor in North American terms.

Are the Paris furnished lets centrally located?
Yes. All of our Paris furnished apartments are located in Paris proper. Our city looks deceivingly large on a map but most of Paris's sights can be visited by foot. Paris is 105.4 kilometres (40.7 square miles) with a population of around 2.2 million people within its 20 arrondissements.
If you were to take a metro from one end of the city to the other, it would not take you more than 30-40 minutes. As a result, everything can be seen by a quick metro/bus ride.
The vast network of the metro system allows you to cross the entire city in about 30 minutes. All of the PerfectlyParis lets are located within a 20-30 minute metro ride from the Eiffel Tower.

Is smoking allowed in the apartments?
No. All of the PerfectlyParis furnished apartments are strictly non-smoking.
Violating this rule may result in the loss of your security deposit.
In addition, all of our apartments are equipped with smoke detectors.

PerfectlyParis is a founding member of the SPLM (Syndicat des Professionnels de la Location Meublée), the first representative body of furnished rental professionals:

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