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Gail Boisclair

Gail Boisclair

I am a transplanted Canadian who has been living in Montmartre since 2001. Unlike a lot of people who are expatriates living here, it wasn't a "life long dream" for me to live in Paris.

I left Canada in 1997 to spend a few months in the sunny Caribbean. Not surprisingly, a few months, turned into 4 years!

While I was there, I met a charming Frenchman (aren't they all) and after a few years, he decided it was time to move back to Paris. When I first visited the city about 15 or so years prior, I fell in love with Montmartre and that is where settled. Today, I continue to live in Montmartre with my daughter and our two cats - we could not imagine being anywhere else.

The apartment rental business has actually come by accident. I often had friends asking me to recommend places to stay and I have always preferred more unique accommodations to hotels. This "unique accommodations" concept was the birth of our first website, weekinparis, and has expanded to what I hope you will find, a "PerfectlyParis" choice of vacation accommodations!

Preston Mohr

Preston Mohr

It has always been a life-long dream for me to live in Paris! My Parisian holiday turned into a dream come true... I first lived in this beautiful city while studying Art History and French in 2003. My studies left me with lots of free time to explore Paris, but also the time to have a part time job. I met Gail in 2003 after my parents rented one of PerfectlyParisÕs apartments in Montmartre and began working with her team.

I have always been in love with all things French, but especially gastronomy and wine. I decided to go back to school in 2009 to study wine and received the Diploma in Wines & Spirits from the Wine and Spirit Education Trust in 2013.

In addition to working with PerfectlyParis part-time, I also run 'Paris By The Glass' http://www.parisbytheglass.com/, offering unique wine tastings, food & wine workshops and gourmet walking tours in Paris. I would be delighted to come to your apartment and teach you more about French wine or to take you around Paris and introduce you to some of my favorite hidden gems.

I hope your PerfectlyParis holiday is as special as mine was. I know you fall in love with this beautiful city just like I did.

Georgina Weavers

Georgina Weavers

It was not my plan to move from my native Australian home to Paris but, like Gail, I also met a Frenchman who swept me off my feet. He was a jazz musician and we met at the club I was managing in Australia.

We travelled the world together with his group including many stops in Paris and, eventually, that was where we settled.

I have lived in the Montmartre area since 2004 and am happy to call in my home.

It is a great place for me to raise my children as there are so many cultural events for families and plenty of green spaces throughout the city. We are actually spoilt for choice of what to do!

Enjoy your stay and be sure to take advantage of the many exhibits, events and other things Paris has to offer.

Charin Chong

Lara Plowright

After growing up in the Los Angeles and having lived for over 10 years in Malaysia, I decided to venture out and try my luck in Paris. My love of the French language is what brought me here to study at La Sorbonne, but it was my love for French food, fashion and a lovely French man made me decide to stay in this magical city.

Apart from working with PerfectlyParis and getting to meet wonderful guests from all around the world, I pursue my loves of fashion, photography and writing.

I'm one of the co-founders behind Eclectic, an online and print fashion and culture magazine published in Paris and the UK.

I hope that you have an amazing stay in Paris and that you will leave with only the best of memories.


A number of Paris rental companies have gotten together to form an association in an effort to set down standards within the Paris rental business. Our goal is to bring together businesses with common standards for people staying at our apartments - whether it be for business, pleasure or temporary reloaction.

PerfectlyParis is proud to be a member of the SPLM (Syndicat des Professionnels de la Location Meublee) and you can find out more information about our association and its members on the SPLM website at www.splm-france.fr

Here are details of our code of ethics in French or English along with our code of conduct in French or English

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